About YAMM

We vision at-risk youth and families building resiliency through teamwork, education, critical thinking, and self-confidence to achieve self-sufficiency.

How are we different you ask?

In establishing YAMM, the first people thought about was the parents. We cannot accomplish our mission without the assistance of parents. Parents work and are not able to get their youth where they need to be for programs. There are a lot of tardies and absences due to parents not being able to get off work to get youth to a program's destination. Therefore, we made it our mission to make sure youth do not have to be transported by parent way.

We operate as a mobile youth program, delivering our programs community-wide to illuminate transportation issues before they start. We made it possible and for parents and for youth to stay safe in their neighborhood and get the help they need from our programs.

Our Values

Learn about what we believe in


We stick to our truths and commitments, providing everyone with open communication and honesty.


Every investment and decision we make has our participants, volunteers, and supporters in mind. We think about the wants of everyone involved.


We believe every decision and every work has to be fulfilled with teamwork. No one person can reach great heights doing everything by themself.


Having a code of morality is the best place to instill the self maturity one needs to handle obstacles of life. We encourage self-discipline that leads to successful lives.

What we do: 

We mentor young men and ladies through active learning behavior mentor programs designed to provide guidance in areas of:

   Academic Achievement
   Hunger Education

   Talents and Skills

Human Services
   Anger Management
   Community Engagement
   Public and Home Safety

By focusing on these areas, we can guide young men and ladies in understanding what moral standards are and how to utilize them properly. We also encourage and promote healthier living through lifestyle recognition of the pros and cons and how to adjust them to positive actions.


Meet Our President/CEO

Kamm Galloway

Founder and President of Youth Achieving Moral Maturity

Kamm is the founder and president of YAMM. Kamm is dedicated to assisting and guiding those she meets. She has a passion for the needs and development of young children and youth adults as well as parents and individual adults. She has been mentoring since age 15 in her community.

Kamm received her B.S. in Criminal Justice, Cum Laude, from North Carolina Central University. She had always wanted to make a difference in the life of children. During her studies, she foresaw detained at-risk youth and young adults becoming law-abiding citizens although views from society did not look promising. Therefore, Kamm created, planned, and implemented her passion to see-- Youth Achieving Moral Maturity.​​​​

Kamm believes over half of the young men and ladies who are at risk of offending can be turned around with the guidance she, her staff, and volunteers provide. She also believes there is nothing too difficult for God to turn around from negative to positive, where the impossible is possible. Therefore, Kamm's motto is "Walk by faith, not by sight". She plans to take our young men and ladies to moral maturity, and in the near future, establish a female-based Childhood Sexual Abuse Healing practice.

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