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Youth Programs

Give back to the youth community. Won't you give a young lady or gentleman hope for their future? We need your help to make a difference in the lives of young men and women. Your donation will go towards funding our programming that aims at reducing negative influences, building self-esteem through mentorship programs with professionals who understand what it takes for these vulnerable populations to thrive both inside and outside school settings. 

YAMM is an organization that works with at-risk youth in order to provide them resources, guidance and encouragement. It is our belief that our youth recipients will also give back to their own communities in the future. Your support will assist us as we work together on projects such as forming positive relationships among peers through mentorship programs or providing backpacks full of school supplies so they can be ready for success when it's time go learn!

We're excited to have you on board! Your support will assist us as we encourage and guide young men and ladies, helping them grow into upright members of society. All funds donated benefit YAMM - which means that together with other donors like yourself - our goal is achievable: changing lives through transformational opportunities provided at no cost whatsoever. You can find more detailed information about what happens inside these programs here or by visiting our Programs page.

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