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Your support will assist us as we encourage and guide young men and ladies and take them back from negative influences.

All funds donated benefit YAMM.
You can find more detailed information about our programs and how you can support them on our programs page.

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Here you can learn more about how you can support what we do.

Zanell G. Brooks Community of Champions

In honor and menory of Zanelle Brooks who dedicated her time and service as a fosterparent in Winston-Salem, NC we recognize that delinquency not only takes a toll on physical and mental health, but it also impacts the economy and workforce.

Employees who struggle with their child's delinquency are more likely than their co-workers to take time off and are distracted during work. Corporate and business leaders can help us by investing in their community and their own employees by joining our annual corporate giving program. Corporations and businesses become a member of the Community of Champions with an annual gift of $2,000.

We recognize your donation by your business name on our partner wall; inclusion in the YAMM annual report; recognition in our annual gala; and a certificate of appreciation to proudly display to your customers, clients, and employees.

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Gift City

Gift City project is a year-round fundraiser initiative by YAMM. Gift City is Phase II of YAMM’s PreneurMe Program. PreneurMe Phase I is series of workshops that teach and encourage entrepreneurship skills. PreneurMe Phase II is the hands-on experience, which has created Gift City. ​​

By creating an environment where youth can go to afterschool and have hands-on experience, youth will receive assistance in their acceleration of retail knowledge and business management upon entry into the workforce.

We are raising seed funds of $300,000 for this program. We encourage our supporters of this program to donate to this wonderful cause. If you would like to make your donation via Quickbooks Invoice or another method, please contact us at [email protected]

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Equilla A. Galloway Promise Circle Program

In honor and memory of Equilla A. Galloway who dedicated her time and service as a residential homeless shelter in Winston-Salem, NC. We recognize our community leaders in our Promise Circle.

Promise Circle members are leadership donors to YAMM and ambassadors in the communities we serve. By joining the Promise Circle, you can help YAMM expand its vision for the future, develop new programs and projects, and continue as the premier agency providing prevention programs, community education, and counseling services for youth, families, and communities struggling with resiliency.

With your annual gift of $1,000, you will be recognized as a member of the Promise Circle. You will receive a number of exclusive benefits and privileges, including invitations to special events, personal meetings with YAMM’s leadership, and insider information updates. You will also be recognized in our annual report and on our donor wall for your outstanding level of giving.

The greatest benefit is the knowledge that, as a Promise Circle member, you belong to a rare group dedicated to fighting the stigma of taking our youth back from negative influences. Contact Kamm Galloway, President/CEO, to discuss your leadership gift and membership in the Promise Circle.

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Community Day Grill Fundraiser

When the organization opened in 2016, we held a Community Day event five (5) times a month from May- September in five (5) local underserved communities in our city serving 6,639 people.

We use our hosted community day as an awareness and marketing tool to: ​

Recruit youth and parent participants in our programs

To create community socialization

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this service due to not having a towable grill, which now places our organization at a disadvantage to accomplish our mission in our community as we were. At this time, we have not raised enough funds to purchase a towable grill and have to raise $6000.

On the behalf of YAMM board of directors, we want you to know this hosted event is a priority we love to continue. We are reaching out to you to ask your assistance with a donation for use to purchase a grill to continue our missions and thank you in advance for your generous donation to our organization to purchase this much-needed grill.

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