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Volunteer opportunites are available in many different areas. Your volunteer service will assist us as we encourage and guide young men and ladies, and take them back from negative influences.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, majority of our volunteer opportunities will be virtual for the safety of our volunteers, youth and parents.
You can find more detailed information about our volunteer opportunities below. Become a volunteer today!

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Volunteer Opportunities For Everyone

YAMM is a youth services organization that offers volunteer opportunities designed to help young people thrive.

In our PreneurMe program, we focus on helping students develop the skills of entrepreneurship through fun and engaging activities that teach them how to run their own business.

Our Model ART program teaches kids how to be successful in the modeling industry while also promoting self-confidence and community involvement.

The Bella Diamondz program helps young women learn to handle the pressures and responsibilities of beauty pageants while developing strong values and self-respect.

The Ellis Effect uses sports as a way to teach kids real-life lessons about anger management, leadership, accountability, and teamwork.

I Lead is a program for aspiring young leaders who want to make a difference in their communities by empowering others.

Project EOG focuses on teaching kids how to curb anxiety and depression by engaging in life-affirming activities with other kids who face similar challenges.

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Support By Volunteering Your Time

Learn more about how you can support what we do through volunteering with our organization

Volunteer opportunities available for:​
-Youth Age 10-16
-Young Adults Age 17-24
-College Students needing internship/community service credit
-Adults Any Age
-Groups- Any Size
-Court Community Service

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Volunteering is a wonderful experience. We encourage anyone who has a passion for working with youth ages 10-17 and young adults ages 10-24 to volunteer with YAMM. ​

Volunteers of YAMM enjoy the pleasures of:
=Making a difference
=Using their skills and talents for
=Meeting others in the community
=Working for a cause they believe in
=Helping others

Our programs are group-oriented, with no one-on-one mentoring. Our volunteers volunteer because they believe in our mission and vision as well as volunteering impacts the lives of our volunteers.

Become a volunteer today and make a difference in your life and a youth or young adult's life at the same time.

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of Volunteering

-Give us opportunity to expand our mission and outreach

-Motivate young people

-Bring to life new energy, creative ideas, capacity and enthusiasm in youth and teens

-Help increase public support and visibility

-Become a new generation of leader

-Build positive relationships

-Become a resource

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