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Your volunteer service will assist us as we encourage and guide young men and ladies and take them back from negative influences.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, majority of our volunteer opportunities will be virtual for the safety of our volunteers, youth and parents.
You can find more detailed information about our volunteer opportunities below. Become a Volunteer Today!

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Support By Volunteering Your Time

Learn more about how you can support what we do through volunteering with our organization

Volunteer opportunities available for:​
-Youth Age 10-16
-Young Adults Age 17-24
-College Students needing internship/community service credit
-Adults Any Age
-Groups- Any Size
-Court Community Service

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Volunteering is a wonderful experience. We encourage anyone who has a passion for working with youth ages 10-17 and young adults ages 10-24 to volunteer with YAMM. ​

Volunteers of YAMM enjoy the pleasures of:
=Making a difference
=Using their skills and talents for
=Meeting others in the community
=Working for a cause they believe in
=Helping others

Our programs are group-oriented, with no one-on-one mentoring. Our volunteers volunteer because they believe in our mission and vision as well as volunteering impacts the lives of our volunteers.

Become a volunteer today and make a difference in your life and a youth or young adult's life at the same time.

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of Volunteering

-Give us opportunity to expand our mission and outreach

-Motivate young people

-Bring to life new energy, creative ideas, capacity and enthusiasm in youth and teens

-Help increase public support and visibility

-Become a new generation of leader

-Build positive relationships

-Become a resource

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